Heinz Zemanek Award

for excellent degree dissertations in the field of informatics and related areas


Every other year the Austrian Computer Society OCG awards the Heinz Zemanek Award for the promotion of informatics and related areas.

Target Group

Authors of degree dissertations in the field of informatics and related areas


New procedure for submission - soon to be published online!

Criteria for evaluation are scientific relevancy, topicality, originality, methodology, applicability as well as structure and presentation of the work.


The submitted dissertation must have been finished within the preceding three years in Austria. Part of it may have been carried out in the course of a study exchange programme abroad or within an international research programme, in which Austria has taken part.


The Heinz Zemanek Award is worth € 5,000.-. It may be shared equally between two contestants.


  • Gerti Kappel (head)
  • Horst Bischof
  • Ruth Breu
  • Günter Haring
  • Heinrich C. Mayr
  • Klaus Miesenberger
  • Gustaf Neumann
  • Stefanie Rinderle-Ma
  • Wolfgang Slany
  • Stefan Szeider
  • Gerhard Widmer