Austrian Computer Society

"We build bridges - from science to business to the working world."

The Austrian Computer Society (OCG) is a non-profit association for the promotion of information technology with due regard to the interaction with people and society. The association acts as an interdisciplinary forum for the latest IT topics, it is an important and respected dialogue partner and has thematic leadership for socio-political IT topics.

The OCG acts as a networking forum, it is a competent and reliable partner for event organisation and that way promotes the relationship between science and business. Moreover, it offers standardised, independent and high-quality IT education and training thus building an important bridge to the working world.

Mission Statement

The OCG makes the benefits of information and communication accessible for all and that way contributes to a positive development of our society.

We are a modern service provider and

  • offer access to sought-after expert knowledge through our networks and events.
  • set and secure standards.
  • develop trend analyses for business and other relevant target groups.
  • give important input for education, research and development thus strengthening Austria's innovation power.


Executive Board, Steering Committee, Extended Steering Committee, Auditors, etc.


The association was founded in 1975. A short documentation of past events.


Purpose of the association, tasks, etc.


There are committes on various topics.