OCG Horizonte

OCG Horizonte is a networking event which explores the latest IT topics and trends in talks and panel discussions. The interaction between informatics/ ICT and the individual/society plays an important role in these events. Participation is free! The talks are usually in German.

The events are organised in co-operation with AUSTRIAPRO and the IT-Cluster of the Wirtschaftsagentur Wien.

In choosing the title OCG Horizonte, IT-Themen und Trends 2012 the OCG is following the up-coming 8th EU Framework Programme Horizon 2020. That way the OCG supports the activities of the EU serving as a networking platform for the areas science and research - economy and society.

Participation is free! The event language is usually German.

Johann Stockinger, OCG present the events which start at 6:00 pm:

Austrian Computer Society (OCG)
Heinz Zemanek Saal
Wollzeile 1
1010 Vienna

You will find the next OCG Horizonte dates and topics on the German page!