NETWORK INTELLIGENCE – The Future of Networking (NET-IT)


Networking is ubiquitously involved in today’s IT infrastructures, work-processes, and personal every-day life. Besides demanding high throughput, low latency, and 24/7 availability of the network, systems that have been traditionally closed, such as embedded systems, open to standard networking technologies in smart homes, in cities, and on streets. On the other hand, networks and networked systems themselves have started to exploit the huge amounts of signaling and protocol data and are becoming more flexible due to paradigms such as SDN (software defined networking) and edge networking / NFV (network function virtualization). We believe there is a momentum for making the next step in networking towards smarter technologies and intelligent protocols that make use of – and contribute to – the current progress in data analysis and machine learning. 

Vision and Mission 

The working group NET-IT provides a platform open to all researchers and practitioners who are excited about bringing forward networking technologies and shaping the future of networked systems. With our working group activities, we mainly plan to connect experts. NET-IT informs about the expertise of individual members and groups, disseminates novel findings, provides a forum to discuss and reflect ground-breaking ideas and trends, and fosters national and international collaborations and joint project proposals. Overall, our goal is to become a competence cluster for networking research in Austria with open channels to international partner groups. 

Topics (open list)

The working group is open to all kinds of networking topics and network layers, networked systems, and communication technologies. Our topics of interest are driven by trends and novel opportunities, they included but are not limited to:  
  • Data-driven networks: data analysis, machine learning, anticipatory networking
  • Software-defined networks (SDN): enabling technologies and distributed algorithms
  • Low-latency networks for novel smart-x environments
  • Security solutions for networks and networked systems: from traditional security solutions and forensics to applications in cyber-physical systems (CPS)
  • Wireless spectrum limitations and novel spectrum opportunities
  • Context-aware networked systems: increasing the knowledge in the network of its environment 
  • Performance analysis tools for advanced monitoring and self-diagnosis
  • Novel and revisited alternative networking methods, e.g., nature-inspired algorithms and self-organization, delay-tolerant networking, and applications of complexity theory and network science
  • Advances in communication technologies applied to the Internet of Things (IoT), industrial networks, ad-hoc networks, including 5G, LoRaWAN, etc.   
  • Networking in application fields such as e-grid, smart cities, smart production, smart home, smart buildings, intelligent transportation and autonomously driving vehicles, drone networks, etc. 


To reach the above aims, NET-IT focuses on the following activities (open list):
  • Organisation of 1-2 annual meetings, with seminars/tutorials
  • Setup of social media and traditional information channels
  • Roadmap of networking research and development 
  • Establishing contacts for short-term research exchanges
  • Establishing contacts to international partner organisations

Target Group

NET-IT welcomes members from academia and industry, junior and senior researchers and practitioners, and members of ministries, regulation and funding agencies. To become a member, an email should be sent to the working group leaders.