OCG Incentive Award FH


The Austrian Computer Society OCG awards the OCG Incentive Award FH annually for excellent achievements in the field of informatics and business informatics.


Promotion of excellent degree theses from universities of applied sciences.

Target group

All students writing degree theses in the field of informatics and business informatics.


To compete for the award the student will submit the thesis, a ten-page short version as well as an online call for papers to the OCG. The call for papers contains detailed information concerning the layout of the short version (link).


The submitted theses must have been approbated within the preceding two years (as of submission date) at an Austrian university of applied sciences. The submitted papers remain with the OCG.


The OCG Incentive Award FH is worth EUR 2,000.-.


  • Gabriele Anderst-Kotsis, University of Linz
  • Peter Balog, UAS Technikum Vienna
  • Regine Bolter, UAS Vorarlberg
  • Sonja Gögele, UAS Joanneum Kapfenberg
  • Thomas Heistracher, UAS Salzburg
  • Werner Kurschl, UAS Upper Austria
  • Johannes Lüthi, UAS Kufstein