OCG as publisher

The OCG publishes under the name books[at]ocg.at.

The OCG has developed into a small specialised publisher for ICT topics with good service provided at little cost. Universities and science bodies can create PDF files in good quality which will be produced at a good price by the printing company. Here the Druckerei Riegelnik has proven a congenial and reliable partner over the years.

The committee for the OCG publishing series evaluates the papers for their scientific value. Elisabeth Maier-Gabriel handles the co-operation with editors, authors and printing company.
In the future also exceptional dissertation and habilitation papers will get the chance to be published here.

The committee will try to mobilise sponsoring funds in order to make publishing possible without cost subsidies.

Today the OCG also uses DVDs, CD-ROMs or USB flash drives for publication. The OCG has already been working on an electronic version of the book series, titles, tables of content and abstracts will be available in the internet. The download of the particular copy will be subject to a charge. The test version - with much more elaborate editing - was realised as part of an electronic paper. (Jusletter IT, www.jusletter-it.eu).