WIZIK - Vienna School of Magic for Informatics

WIZIK - Wiener Zauberschule der InformatikWIZIK - Wiener Zauberschule der Informatik (Vienna School of Magic for Informatics) is a project of the Austrian Computer Society (OCG).

WIZIK introduces computational thinking to kids. Without computers children solve tasks in teamwork. The keyword is playing!

WIZIK combines methods of computer science unplugged with tasks taken from the Bebras contest and from a number of other national and international initiatives.

WIZIK has taken up the idea of School of Magic developed by the Technische Universität Aachen.

WIZIK visited schools in 2015 bringing magic suitcases and enchanting children.

" I liked the tricks - and the wizards even told us his secrets!" (Noel)

In special workshops teachers were trained to spread their knowledge as multiplicators.