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SSDBM 2006

18th International Conference on Scientific and Statistical Database Management
July 3-5, 2006
University of Vienna, Vienna, Austria


This international conference will bring together scientific domain experts, databases researchers, practitioners and developers for the presentation and exchange of current research concepts, tools and techniques for scientific and statistical data base applications. The 18th SSDBM will provide a forum for original research contributions and practical system design, implementation and evaluation. In keeping with the mission of the Faculty of Computer Science at the University Vienna, this year´s conference will focus on applications of scientific and statistical databases to Scientific and Statistical Computing, including:

  • Data and Computing on the Grid
  • Data Warehousing, Registries and Integration
  • Ontologies in Scientific Computing
  • Exploratory Analysis and Modeling of Scientific Data

The conference will also feature invited talks, panel sessions, poster sessions, and demonstrations of research prototypes and industrial systems. SSDBM 2006 will continue the tradition of past SSDBM meetings in providing a stimulating environment to encourage discussion, fellowship and exchange of ideas in all aspects of research related to scientific and statistical data base management.


In addition to this year´s focus areas, SSDBM invites original research contributions in any area related to scientific and statistical database management, including:

  • Conceptual models for scientific databases
  • Data modeling and representation standards
  • Experiment data management
  • Very large data bases
  • Performance evaluation
  • Scientific visualization
  • Indexing and query optimization
  • Managing scale and complexity in scientific data bases
  • Multimedia content retrieval
  • Data provenance
  • Metadata management
  • System architectures

Case studies of SSDBM-related applications, demonstrations, and short papers of poster sessions are also invited.

Keynote Lectures at SSDBM 2006

  • Dr. Erwin LAURE (CERN) on "Data Management in Production Grids - Challenges and Techniques"
  • Sergey MELNIK (Microsoft Research) on "Reusable Tools for Metadata Management - Pie in the Sky?"


Mag. Christine Haas
Austrian Computer Society
Phone: +43-1-512 02 35-51
E-Mail: haas@ocg.at