6th PhD Workshop ‘Energy Informatics‘

For the 6th time, the PhD workshop “Energy Informatics (Energieinformatik)” discusses the role of ICT and Computer Science in future energy systems. The energy transition (Energiewende) – a politically supervised and accelerated shift in direction from nuclear and fossil fuels to sustainable sources of energy – yields drastic changes in the operation of existing energy systems and requires a paradigm shift in both their planning and operation.

The aim of this workshop is to support PhD-students in their research and in creating a basis for a high quality submission to a signature conference or journal.

The workshop “Energy Informatics (Energieinformatik) 2015” invites contributions from PhD students exploring the intersection of informatics, power engineering and energy economics. This workshop presents an opportunity for PhD students to discuss their current work – ranging from preliminary ideas to project/thesis results – with researchers from within the same community. Hence, long papers, project descriptions and progress reports in the form of short papers are welcome.

For further informationen: www.energyinformatics2015.org

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