Make pupils familiar with concepts and mindsets of informatics.


Target group

For all pupils from 8 to 20.
Participation is online and only possible in schools from 3rd to 13th grade.
There are tasks for 5 different age categories.


The questions are a good introduction for certain computer science topics that can be dealt with in depth with the help of the Bebras working books.
The questions have the form of riddles. That way solving the tasks is more fun and informatics concepts become more easily accessible.

How to participate

For each school one teacher must register as contact. This teacher will register the groups of interested pupils.

The contest is carried out online on PCs or laptops, usually during class.

Each contest consists of 18 tasks (for primary school 9 tasks) which can be solved without specific pre-knowledge in computer science. The tasks must be solved within 40 minutes.

Categories and evaluation

  • Levels 3-4 (primary school)
  • Levels 5-6 (middle school)
  • Levels 7-8 (middle school)
  • Levels 9-10 (upper school)
  • Levels 11-13 (upper school)

There are 18 tasks for each level (except for primary school with only 9 tasks). There are six questions each in the difficulty levels easy, medium and difficult.

Points are awarded for each correct answer, points are deducted for each wrong answer. If no answer is given the score doesn't change.

Depending on the level of difficulty a different number of points is given or deducted. 


  easy medium difficult
correct answer 6 points 9 points 12 points
wrong answer -2 points -3 points -4 points

Each participant starts with 54 points, i.e. a maximum of 216 points can be reached, the minimum result is 0 points.