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49. Birthday


49. Birthday

Happy birthday, Austrian Computer Society!

On 4 March 1975, after several years of preparation, the constituent General Assembly of the OCG took place. The initiative for the foundation came from Austria's computer pioneer Heinz Zemanek.

Heinz Zemanek und Norbert Rozsenich bei der Gründungssitzung
Heinz Zemanek und Norbert Roszenich bei der Gründungssitzung.

All OCG members, honorary OCG officials and the OCG team have been working with full energy for 49 years to realise the goals of our non-profit association: The promotion of computer science and communication technology, taking into account their interactions with people and society - or as Heinz Zemanek said: 

"But the lasting thing is the human being".

Preparations for the big 50th anniversary celebration are already underway - look forward to it.