Heinz Zemanek Award

for excellent degree dissertations in the field of informatics and related areas

Motivation and target group

The Austrian Computer Society OCG awards the Heinz Zemanek Award for the promotion of informatics and related areas. The prize is awarded for excellent dissertations in these fields.


As of 2016 candidates for the Heinz Zemanek Award are nominated in a nomination procedure. All Austrian universities and research institutions with the right to confer doctoral degrees ("Promotionsrecht") in the field of informatics and related areas are invited to nominate a maximum of two dissertations. 

For each nominated dissertation the following documents must be submitted as PDF files:

  1. Electronic version of the dissertation
  2. 10-page summary in English
  3. Reason for nomination by respective institution, including a link to the doctoral regulations
  4. All reviews of the dissertation
  5. CV of the student including list of publication
  6. Contact data sheet of the student
  7. Contact data sheet of the liason at the respective institution (once per institution)

Deadline: The nominations must be sent by 15 March 2018 via e-mail (zip file) to Elisabeth Maier-Gabriel.


Nominatd dissertations must have been completed between 1 January 2016 and 31 December 2017 in Austria. It is allowed to submit dissertations that were partly conducted abroad during a study exchange programme or within an international research programme, in which Austria had taken part.

Evaluation criteria

The selection procedure is a two-stage procedure: First, aspects like scientific relevancy, topicality, originality, methodology, applicability as well as structure and presentation of the work are evaluated. Second, the selected dissertations will be presented in a hearing. The hearing will take place in late May in Vienna, the date will be published in time. If necessary, participation via video conference call is possible. 


The Heinz Zemanek Award is worth € 5,000.-. It may be shared equally between two contestants.

The Heinz Zemanek Award will be awarded by the OCG President based on suggestions by the jury. The prize will be awarded at the OCG autumn conference and the Austrian Computer Science Day in Salzburg on 15 June 2018. The decision may not be legally disputed. The prize will only be awarded if an excellent dissertation is selected. All jurors are sworn to secrecy. If necessary the jury will co-opt experts.