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Symposium AK Forum e|Government

Symposium AK Forum e|Government

Time: 16:00 - 18:00 o'clock
OCG, Wien

Interactive eLearning for ERP systems - the example of the eGov Campus

The eGov Campus is an initiative of the German IT Planning Council to raise the level of digital expertise in training for senior civil servants. The campus covers a wide range of modules, from process management to cybersecurity and information law. One of the modules deals with the use of ERP systems in public administration, specifically in accounting, materials management/procurement and service management.

This symposium is dedicated to the didactic categorisation and creation of interactive content based on the topic of ERP. The questions addressed are: How is interactivity created, how is an ERP-focussed case study and additional materials (process/data models, administrative science/business content) combined into a whole, which interactive elements have proved (less) successful, how do you prevent students from losing the "red thread" and what hybrid applications are there for using interactive content, what are the options for progress monitoring? The focus here is on SAP systems that were used to create the content.


Holger Hünemohr

Prof. Holger HünemohrHochschule RheinMain, Leiter des Beirates zum eGov Campus


Thomas Hemker

Prof. Thomas HemkerHochschule des Bundes für öffentliche Verwaltung, Projektleiter des ERP-Moduls im Campus


Alexander Prosser

Prof. Alexander ProsserWirtschaftsuniversität Wien, Case Study Creator


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